Call Queues and Groups


The platform desperately needs ‘Call Queues’. Right now you can dial sequencially, blast, or round-robin, but you can’t have it point to a ‘queue’ or group.

The purpose of this is to have a centralized place to make quick changes to the sales agents or order in which all your call flows are dialing. For instance, I will have 100+ companies and call flows by the time I finish setting up my account. If I want to take someone off the calls or add them back in, or just modify the users being dialed in any way, I have to edit over 100 call flows.

There is no easy way for an agent to just jump on the calls, for instance, on a Saturday to pick up extra sales. If I leave them in on Saturdays permanently, then callers have to wait for the rings to pass by that user until it gets to someone.

The purpose in a nutshell would be centralizing the agents being dialed, so that you can edit in one place, or they can even add or remove themselves, in one place…without an admin having to edit 100 call flows. Instead, all those call flows can point to one call queue or group. That group or queue then can be edited in one place and therefore affect all the call flows pointing to that queue or group.


Yes I agree… we need a centralized place to make quick changes to all sales agents (in/out) in all call flows … API PREFERRED


CallRail is a great application, however our company really needs the Call Queues capability for our inside Sales organization. I am not looking forward to introducing another application such as FIVE9 just to gain the call queue capability.