Call Flow Updates


Call Flow is great, but really needs some updates. Namely:

  1. Responsive Routing by tag. This should be relatively simple to implement?
  2. Some sort of queue feature, where we can play a “on hold” message to the caller, and allow our user to eventually pick up the line. Currently, we can play an on hold message, but our users cannot pick up the call until it is routed to them
  3. Assign extensions to users, and route by caller dialing the extension.

Responsive routing FILTER

Hi, thanks for the great requests. I’m Jason Tatum, Lead Product Manager at CallRail. I’m happy to say we are working to make updates on the call flow builder now, including exploration around queues, holds, and similar solutions around the concept of extensions for agents. Stay tuned! If you’d be interested in participating in our BETA for these features in the coming months, we’d love to have your feedback.


Hey Jason -

Thanks for the quick response. That’s awesome news! I know you guys are working hard on forms and chat, but I’m guessing that a lot of your existing clients would love to ditch their IVR providers and move all their phone numbers to you guys, just as soon as Call Flow gets more features.

We’d love to be in the beta program and to see extensions, dial by name and, most importantly, to allow users the ability to answer a call that’s on hold (i.e., in queue). Having queues with multiple users and routing options would be great but, as of now, it would be a huge improvement just to allow us to answer the phone while a caller is on hold. That is, we can currently add a greeting message (which would play hold music for a few minutes), but we have no way to pick up the call while that person is on hold (i.e., listening to the greeting message).

As for Responsive Routing by tag, it seems like Tags can be a rather simple condition to add, given that Responsive Routing is already in production, and tags already exist in your system? This would allow users to tag incoming calls in the Lead Center, so that any future calls from the same caller could be routed more appropriately (in our case, to a different user/company/number).

Thanks again, and looking forward to the changes!


Any updates on this by chance?


These are great suggestions. I would love to ditch ring central and it looks like we are heading in that direction.

Tag option is a great idea as well. For example, if it’s a sales lead, that person will continually be connected to a sales person until the lead is closed.


Hi, thanks for chiming in. I’ll pass your contact info to our person in charge of the beta list. The tag option is something we are exploring for later in the year, bu there should be enough features for you to get a solid look at the new product when the time comes.

Thanks again!


Hi, thanks for checking back in. We are actively working on the features I mentioned above. We are also currently reworking the foundation of the call flow builder, which will open up new feature suggestions later in the year, such as the Responsive Routing request, which I’ll make sure to consider when the time comes.

We will definitely be in touch when the beta begins!

Looking forward to chatting more.