Call Flow Editor


Does anyone know if there is a Call Flow Editor? Every time I want to make an adjustment to a call flow I have to duplicate the existing one and make edits to that one.

If there isn’t one, it’d be a great addition.



I think that is a great question and I have to go through the same thing. In addition to that, it would be great to be able to make bulk changes to numbers when switching call flows.


The account managers have access to a bulk editor if you contact CallRail. Mine was able to use it to help me create a call flow. also, I can made changes to my call flow and save them and make them active on all of the numbers that use it. What changes are you trying to make?


When testing call flows I was flipping back and forth between numbers. Whenever I wanted to change a number I had to go back through and make it all over again. I am now also stuck with a bunch of useless call flows.


@incertec490 @justnt1772 These are all great pieces of feedback, and I appreciate the questions! In terms of editing and updating call flows, there is a way built in-app to help you guys so you’re not having to create so many unnecessary call flows.

You can make adjustments to call flows by navigating to the Numbers section and selecting Call Flows on the left. From there, select the pencil icon to the right of the call flow you would like to edit. This will allow you to go in and edit an existing call flow and will update all numbers already assigned to this call flow with the changes you have made once you click “Save” up at the top.

You can also remove all those extra unwanted call flows you’ve created by navigating back to the call flow screen in the Numbers section, and selecting the trash can icon to the right of the call flow you’d like to remove.

In terms of your suggestion to make bulk changes to numbers when switching call flows - the good news is that’s a feature on our roadmap! We’re actually already in the process of developing several bulk update features, which I think will be extremely helpful for all of our customers moving forward. We’ll keep you updated as those roll-out in the app.


I see no trash can to remove a call flow from a number and the images used to illustrate your reply are not loading.


@JackA My apologies! I just re-uploaded those pictures if you want to check again.

You won’t see the trash can icon unless a call flow is currently unused. So to delete a call flow, you need to navigate to the Numbers page and make sure all of the numbers utilizing that call flow are being routed elsewhere. You may then go to the Call Flows page and delete the call flow.