Call extensions disapproved cause of 'Unverified phone number'


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So i have an issue i want to share with you. I use Call Rail in multiple Google Ads accounts and i face a particular issue once-twice/month. I set up my call extensions with the Call Rail numbers and theY get approved. So far everything cool. But when i check the accounts i see that after some period my call extensions are disapproved because of ‘Unverified phone number’. So i have to resubmit for approval and they get approved for an x period. This is happening regurarly and my question is - Do you also face similar issue? And if so did you manage to overcome somehow or you just have to go through the accounts and resubmit?

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@AdamArkfeld @paulhanney @danaditomaso @jefflogan Have any of you experienced this situation before?


Usually once the number is approved, it’s approved. It makes me wonder if something else is going on. Did you try contacting Google Ads support to see if they can help? That is the first place I would start.


Hey @danaditomaso. Thanks for your reply.

That was my first move - i talked with Google and they said that as the call extension number is different from the one listed on the website . This is a true pain in the ** as i have to go through the accounts that use Call Rail once/week in order to resubmit the call extensions

Any help would be appreciated!




Did you follow the steps here?

If you have linked GSC to Google Ads you should be fine.