Bulk marking calls as qualified or not qualified lead


If I mark a call as Qualified Lead, Callrail currently also marks all other calls with the same CallerID as a Qualified Lead(In a lighter green thumbsup icon) which is great!

However, we really need the ability for the system to do the same thing if I mark a call as NOT a Qualified Lead. If I have 10 calls from a solicitor and I tag one of the calls as Not qualified(thumbs down) shouldn’t callrail mark the other 9 calls as well? This would save me significant amount of time since I get thousands of calls a month and I dont want to have to touch each call and mark them if its from the SAME callerID. Thanks


Hi Michael,

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Currently, any caller that has been classified as Not a Qualified Lead in the past is viewed as not scored when the same caller places another call to your business. This is based on the idea that a caller can become a Qualified Lead even after they are classified as Not a Qualified Lead in a previous call. I completely understand your use case though, and understand how frustrating it could be to have to mark a bunch of calls from solicitors. I believe we can solve this in some way using either marking the call as spam or blocking the caller from ever calling your tracking numbers again. I have added your feedback to a Feature Enhancement Request and hope to come up with a solution in the near future.