Bulk Edit Forwarding Numbers


We’d love to be able to bulk edit forwarding numbers. This would be needed if you had a phone center outage and needed to change everything to a different number in an emergency, or if you just changed providers.


Hi @barrelroll,

Thanks for this request! I’ll send it to the team and keep you posted on any progress.

Thank you for being a member of Community and a CallRail customer!


Hi @barrelroll,

After discussing with the team, this is something you can do today! From the profile dropdown, go to Manage Account

On the left navigation go to All Numbers

From there you can use the checkboxes to select the numbers you want to change. After you’ve selected the numbers, select Bulk Actions

And then chose Call Routing as the Bulk Edit you want to make. From there you’ll be able to change the destination number for all the selected numbers.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else.