Building CallRail: An inside look at our development process


We’re always excited to hear from our customers with requests for new features and, lucky for us, you bring us new ideas almost every day! Even though we can’t always provide step-by-step updates, we take the time to review every request and consider how we can address it. If you’re curious about what happens to ideas after they’re submitted, here’s a behind the scenes look at how our development team works through your requests.

1. Request: Our process starts with an idea or a request—often from customers. Product ideas come from sources such as market research, internal requests, observations of user behavior, and Community requests.

2. Discussion and comparison: As we review submissions, we regularly discuss them with our product managers and product management leadership. After preliminary discussions, we do a little research, determine the value that an idea offers our users, and gain a rough idea of what we’d need to do to build it. Once an idea is approved, we prioritize where it fits with other requests, our current roadmap, bugs, and more.

3. Research, design, and content: The Product Development team never stops our research, including customer and internal interviews, user surveys, competitive analysis, workflow whiteboarding, and lots of reading. From this research, we then write out the technical requirements and design the prototypes that developers use to build a given feature.

4. Active development and testing: While the feature is in development, product managers and product marketing managers train CallRail employees from multiple departments on how to use it so they can provide support. Towards the end of development, the feature is rigorously tested by developer peer code review, our quality assurance department, and the Product Manager. Once it passes these tests, it’s finally released to you, the customer.

5. Feedback: The conversation doesn’t end with the release. We love to hear feedback on new features, especially from the people using it the most.

We take customer feedback and suggestions very seriously when defining our roadmaps at CallRail. So please, keep asking questions, keep submitting feature requests, and keep letting us know how we can better serve you.

If you have ideas for how CallRail can improve our app, or if there’s a must-have feature you’d like to see added to our service, share them below.

To learn more about how we prioritize and implement new ideas, read my full post on the CallRail blog.