Blocking calls from the call log screen


Can we get the ability block calls while in the Activity call log screen where users are listening/monitoring the calls? It seems logical since the calls are being heard right in that call log screen. If I listen to my calls for a given month and there’s 5 callers/solicitors I need to block, I would then have to navigate to a different screen to block the calls but then need to capture those 5 numbers somewhere so I can paste it into the blocking screen. Thanks


Yes - please. Great feature suggestion.


Absolutely Michael. (example attached)

I’m not sure CallRail tech can find a way to squeeze the “Block Call” circle/slash icon in to the “main view page” but that would be optimal for users.

From a functionality standpoint, having to block calls by opening another view page or the page that opens isn’t hard by any means, but when some of us have to do this 65+ x a week does get tedious.

If this is doable - a win win for everyone. - Joe May, NY @joemayli


Michael, thanks for the suggestion. I think that Joe’s answer (blocking the caller from the Call Timeline page) is the best route for now, but seeing if we can pull the “Block Caller” feature into the Call Log is a great idea to discuss with the team.