Block Vulgar Texts


Automatically block texts that contain vulgar or offensive language.

V1 - Callrail should set up a dictionary of known offensive language and automatically flag texts for review by an admin before other user roles can see them. Admins should receive an email notification to review the text.

V2 - User should be able to mark a text as offensive.

V3 - Machine learning should learn to flag potentially vulgar messages.



Thanks for the great feedback @jamesscaggs! I completely understand your concern for vulgar text messages and can see how that is important to be able to filter out. I have added this to our Feature Requests board, and in the near term will work on determining the best way to block or flag text messages that have vulgar and offensive language, but still have them reviewable by an admin. I’ll keep you posted of it’s progress, and thanks again for passing the idea along!

Adam Hofman