Billing Option for Agencies


We’re a marketing agency with multiple clients using CallRail. We’d love it if the clients could be broken out and billed on one credit card separately for tracking purposes. We don’t want the bill to go directly to the client - as is the way you have it set up now.


Hi @ksheaff! Can you provide me with a little more info so I can best help you get this sorted out? Are you aware of our company billing feature and are you currently Account Center users?

I believe we can do what you’re asking for but you would have to consolidate all of the accounts into one and then use company billing. With this feature you can implement manual company billing to see the charge per company and invoice your clients individually based on that report. But, if you choose to use the Stripe integration then each company would have to enter their own card. Let me know if this is a solution that would work for you.


Hi Kate,
Can you please add to your reply? Thanks!
I’m looking at our account and don’t see a way to do company billing. We have one account with the clients divided within that account. Please walk me through it. The help line told me it couldn’t be done.


Hey Jenee,

We’re currently working on a solution so that you can get setup the way you’ve requested. I’ll get back to you soon with instructions.