Bill Clients A Flat Fee Per Call via Stripe


I like the idea the new “Stripe Invoicing” - however, I would really like the ability to bill clients a predetermined Flat Fee per call.

It would seem like this could be a rather quick feature to add since the Stripe integration is already in place.

If you, as a user, like this idea… please help commenting!


See Customer Invoicing function - make UK/International ready


The url you posted @luigidon is invoicing customers for the use of the number itself, not the functionality we’re looking for if I am not mistaken.


I would also like to see this feature added. My CallSling account can bill clients a flat fee per call, forms submitted on the website (email leads) and even set parameters like only charge the client a flat fee if the phone call was over x number of seconds (I set it to 30 seconds).


hi Jstamb
Your right … my covers every billable but variable element from CallRail and being able to customise in currency of choice – I see what you are asking for now … whilst my customers would not go for that in addition to rental of the number and the per minute variable charge, I see that it your request does add another level of customisation to give greater billing control - so :+1: