Bill Clients A Flat Fee Per Call via Stripe


I like the idea the new “Stripe Invoicing” - however, I would really like the ability to bill clients a predetermined Flat Fee per call.

It would seem like this could be a rather quick feature to add since the Stripe integration is already in place.

If you, as a user, like this idea… please help commenting!


See Customer Invoicing function - make UK/International ready


The url you posted @luigidon is invoicing customers for the use of the number itself, not the functionality we’re looking for if I am not mistaken.


I would also like to see this feature added. My CallSling account can bill clients a flat fee per call, forms submitted on the website (email leads) and even set parameters like only charge the client a flat fee if the phone call was over x number of seconds (I set it to 30 seconds).


hi Jstamb
Your right … my covers every billable but variable element from CallRail and being able to customise in currency of choice – I see what you are asking for now … whilst my customers would not go for that in addition to rental of the number and the per minute variable charge, I see that it your request does add another level of customisation to give greater billing control - so :+1:


This would be a great feature for my agency as well. I have quite a few clients who pay per lead and having the ability to charge them a fee per call would be a huge timesaver.

CallRail has the ability to tag calls automatically using keyword spotting and conversation intelligence. Setting some simple parameters (ie. length of call, keyword tags) would give the ability to charge the client appropriately for the call based on the service offering. For example, residential garage door service leads could be billed a one rate and commercial leads billed at another. Or a broken spring repair would be one rate whereas a garage door opener installation could be another.

I spend too way much time and money invoicing clients (myself and that of a VA). Ability to grow agencies based on pay per call would be so much easier with this automation in place. Another idea would be the ability to bill clients based on the number or calls (every 10 or 20), or based on an interval (7, 14, or 30 days).