Best way to have transfer & hold music?


I switched from Ringcentral to CallRail for call tagging, notes, and campaign tracking, but one of the great features I liked was the transfer music and custom on hold messages.

So when a customer calls in and pushes say option 2 while being in the auto attendant to be transferred to an extension, they hear music and a custom “did you know that we offer” type message (every 10 seconds or so) while waiting for an extension to answer. CallRail just has the typical phone ring for when you’re waiting for someone to pick up, and after 6 rings of round-robin, they sometimes hang up.

Does anyone use a combination of CallRail and another service to achieve both? What’s your office phone stack - and how did you set it up to get the best of both worlds?

I’m currently porting #'s back to Ringcentral for now and will try to send calls to Call Rail for the tagging and notes, but not sure if that will work.