Best practices: unbounce integration/landing page builder/conversion rate help


Howdy everyone,

For anyone unaware, I run our PPC here at CallRail, so I’m sort of the target market for the actual product. Wanted to relay my support for Unbounce and our integration for anyone unfamiliar. Unbounce is a super easy-to-use landing page builder/conversion platform for marketers that you can use to easily iterate new versions of your landers (as well as a bunch of other stuff, check that stuff out here).

For anyone unfamiliar with landing pages, the term just refers to any page we’re sending traffic to, trying to get prospects to convert. A lot of the time your website home page will work just fine as your lander, but as you start to spend more and your campaigns get more complicated, a landing page solution of some sort is always a good idea.

You can use DKI (dynamic keyword insertion) on their pages as well (similar to DNI, but with keywords instead), which can cut down on a ton of work. On top of all that, the integration makes it easy to import all your calls from CR into the platform, so you know which pages are driving the most calls/performing the best etc.

For anyone who has questions about optimizing PPC or landing page strategy with Unbounce, feel free to drop them here and I’ll do my best to help!


Hi Zack - Great to see integration for the UnBounce platform. Any chance there is a product roadmap that includes InstaPages as a landing page integration?


Howdy Harley,

It’s not currently on the roadmap, but I can imagine that it could eventually get on there. I know they’ve been improving functionality etc, I spoke with someone there the other day about the new instablocks feature. If we see a lot of demand we’d end up prioritizing it for sure.


Hi Zack - I have a general question about tracking the “source” of calls to landing pages. If we employ the recommended set up of landing page tracking numbers ( will the activity report show the initial source of traffic to the landing page (e.g. Google Paid, Direct, Facebook) or will it only attribute the call to the landing page url as the source?

We want to know both landing page numbers being called and the source of traffic that initially got them to the landing page. Thanks!


Howdy Harley,

Yeah you’ll get the source for everything - whether it’s a paid campaign you’ve tagged manually or general organic Google traffic etc.