Backup Call Forwarding


I would like to have backup forwarding numbers in case a line is busy or the first forwarding number fails. Also, is there not a better way to contact support? I would like a direct way. Submitting a ticket doesn’t seem to work since I keep getting an ‘access denied’ error every time I try to submit. And I had to create a whole other account just for CallRail community. I don’t get how/why I can’t use my existing CallRail account for CallRail community. I’m about to switch all my clients over to another call tracking provider if I can’t get decent support in a timely manner.


Hi @MoveLogistics!

Currently, there is an existing option to set up Fallback Dialing (link below). Would this help with what you had in mind?

In regards to your ticket submitting experience, would you mind emailing me ( with your account information and any additional details? I’d love to investigate this further for you.