Back Button to Log from a Timeline view


In an agency account, When I’m in a leads timeline, if I hit the form submission button on the left to go back to the log, I for back to form submissions for every company in our account. The same occurs if I click on activity. I would love to just have a button to go back to the current log I was looking at with the same filters and date range I was already using. Every time I try and go back to the log without hitting the browsers back button I get sent back the the agency level dashboard for all accounts, and I have to redo all my date range, filters etc… to get back… If I’m looking in a specific company and click on a leads timeline, when I hit the form submissions or call log buttons on the left menu, I should go back to the same company I’m already in.


Hi @Joseph,

Appreciate the feedback! The issue you described is fixed with the new Call Log that our reporting team recently launched. You can get a preview by clicking the button in the image below from the Call Log. By doing this you will also get the new version of the Form Submission log.

This will be the default view for forms / calls on June 4th.