Automatically Invoice Clients Per Call Generated


My current call system has a few killer features that prevent me from moving completely to CallRail.

I do online lead generation and send the leads via trackable #s to various business owners. I need the ability to invoice those clients through CallRail. My current call tracking system has the ability to:

  • Only bill client if caller is from a unique number
  • Only bill client if the call was over X number of seconds
  • Automatically bill client daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Automatically send the invoice receipt to client daily, weekly or monthly
  • Invoicing tab to enter in client credit card information
  • Stripe integration

I believe this feature request isn’t a huge one, and could be implemented relatively easily on top of the current client billing system of charging per minute or per phone number. We just need charge per call enabled! I’m actually surprised this isn’t a core feature of all call tracking systems.

Please reach out to me if you need clarification on this feature request. If you’re able to build this into CallRail I’ll port all my numbers over in a heartbeat!


I’d be really interested in the additional functionality as well. We’re starting to sell leads and currently don’t have a way to automate the process through CallRail.


Hi Anna,

Please see these screenshots for the options available in my current call system:

Basically for each client / number you can specify how much each call will cost the client, when to bill (daily, weekly, monthly) and other prerequisites for charging the client (call needs to be over 30 seconds, only bill unique inbound phone numbers etc.).


Hi @Anna , just making sure you saw my reply.

Could I get this feature in the development pipeline?


Hello jstamb!

We very much appreciate your feedback and really like the ideas. We have begun discussing your requests as the early product development process but do not currently have an ETA for the enhancements. I will update you as I have new information. Have a fantastic weekend!


@Jarrett - any updates on these requests? This would be a huge help to us!


Hi @gdr! As of right now, this is definitely on the team’s radar, but there’s not a specified timeline just yet.

While we’re waiting on a timeline here’s something to note, most of our features are developed based on popularity among the entire user base, so if you know there are other users that could utilize this feature let them know to comment here. If we can build more traction around this thread I’ll be happy to take it back to the team and see where we’re at.