Automatic Call Recording


I would like the ability to configure outbound calls from the lead center to default to record the call. We have had issues where this feature is inadvertently forgot to be turned on. The only time we want all calls recorded are ones placed outbound from CallRail.


Hi @LMunisteri,

Thank you for this request. We have heard from our customers that automatic call recording on outbound calls would be beneficial and we understand that this would be a timesaver and a preventative measure to make sure you don’t miss any call recordings.

That said, there are legal implications of recording calls. Some states require that 1 party be aware the call is being recording while other states require that both parties be aware that the call is being recorded. For this reason, auto recording outbound calls is a complex problem to solve. We would love to solve this problem, and we will continue to investigate ways to make it possible, but because of the intensity of the problem, we do not currently have it on our roadmap.

Thank you again for your feature request. Feedback like this helps us to know what is most important to our customers.

Thank you,



Could this problem be solved by utilizing the whisper feature in reverse? Notify the person placing the call that it is going to be recorded prior to connecting the call and then after the call connects inform the recipient of the call that it is being recorded. I know this is how many other platforms manage the issue.

Secondary question, why are we able to record incoming calls by default?


Thank you for the suggestion! We love to hear additional thoughts on this. Whisper messages are certainly an option, if we are ever in a place to get this feature request on our roadmap. We will keep it for consideration as our roadmaps constantly update based on user needs.

Thank you again for being a CallRail customer and a member of our community.