Auto-Recording all outbound calls as default


My biggest frustration with CallRail is that outbound calls have to be manually selected to record, before every call. As an administrator, if I want all calls recorded and I can select that as an option, then I want that to be a mandatory feature that cannot be overridden by lower permission users in the system.

Asking users to remember to record their calls each time they call is not only unfair, it also leads to calls that were lost when people forget to press the button to record the call on the dialer. And that happens on a weekly basis.

Please put something in settings for administrators who want to record all outbound calls, so that the default for a particular tracking number can be “outbound call is recorded”. My company needs it to keep the call quality at a respectable level and to help when callers and people being called have miscommunications. Everyone who uses CallRail in our system has made the mistake of assuming all outbound calls would be recorded at one time and has forgotten to swipe/tap the button before a call. When this happens, it costs us in efficiency, productivity, and emotional well being.

If you don’t want to make it the default, at least give us the option to make the recording feature (when switched on for outbound calls) to stay “always on” so we don’t lose out on anymore calls. Thank you.


Hi @The_Dan

Thank you for your request! We are looking to make some enhancements to our Calls functionality in the future. I’ll check with the team to see if this is already on their list.

Thank you for being a member of our community and a CallRail customer!


Hi @The_Dan,

I was able to talk to the team about our roadmap for softphone/Leadcenter and while this is something we see a lot of value in and we understand the time savings it would have, there are legal implications of recording calls. Some states require that 1 party be aware the call is being recording while other states require that both parties be aware that the call is being recorded. For this reason, auto recording outbound calls is a complex problem to solve. We would love to solve this problem, and we will continue to investigate ways to make it possible, but because of the intensity of the problem, we do not have it on our short term roadmap.

Thank you again for being a CallRail customer and member of our community. We sincerely appreciate and consider all feedback and ideas.



Hi Christina.

I’m familiar with the wiretapping laws as it applies to recordings in my marketing areas. It seems like the real issue here is liability. Can you check with your legal team and find out if a disclaimer that indemnifies CallRail of all responsibility once a user has been informed (and must actively click through to acknowledge before using) an auto-recording option would suffice in this situation? CallRail could even make a company sign a DocuSign document to take all possible blame off of CallRail and put it on the company in question, if need be, for legality purposes. I’m only suggesting this recourse because I want the ability to have this as an always-on feature, similar to CallRail’s competitors. Companies such as Mojo and Vumber both have this feature. It would be nice if CallRail had it as well.



Hi @The_Dan,

Thank you for the suggestions! As the team starts investigate adding this feature this is definitely a route we will look into.

Thank you again for the suggestion!