Auto Export Form Attribution (Zapier, Datastudio etc.)


Please add triggers for form attribution to Zapier and Datastudio.

There is an option to create triggers within Zapier for call attribution, but not for form attribution.

This feature will save LOTS of time for users. We create our own live dashboards for clients and cannot manually export this data via CSV all of the time. For our uses, this is a dealbreaker, so please remedy it ASAP and we’ll be very grateful.

Thanks a lot,



Hi George,

Thanks for your request! I’m going to dig into this request with our team members. I’ll do my best to provide an update next week. Thanks for being involved in our Community and for being a CallRail customer!


Hi George,

Thanks again for this request. The team thinks this is a great idea but it does require some leg work to make it happen. Thanks for getting this on our radar and we’ll keep you posted on any improvements to our Zapier and Datastudio integrations.

Some food for thought while we’re waiting on a timeline. Most of our features are developed based on popularity among the entire user base, so if you know there are other users that could utilize this feature let them know to comment here. If we can build more traction around this thread I’ll be happy to take it back to the team and see where we’re at.

Thanks for being a community member and a CallRail user!