Arrange the Times in the Schedule Branch chronologically


Can you please add functionality that allows the us to rearrange the Times in chronological order, within each Branch. When we add or modify a day or time, it isnt in chronological order, making it a bit more difficult to see gaps, and the proper time flow


Hi @ottesen88,

Thanks for the request! I’ll be sharing this request with the Product Team and will keep you posted on any updates.

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Hi @ottesen88,

Thank you again for your request! We take requests and feedback from our customers very seriously. At this time, updating the Schedule in Call Flow Builder to re-arrange in chronological order isn’t something we’ll be able to add to our roadmap. But as always, there is power in numbers. If we begin to see additional support for this feature request we can revisit in the future.

Thank you for being a member of our Community and a CallRail user. Your feedback continues to be valuable!



Thanks Christina, since arranging chronologically isnt doable right now, what does your team suggest as best practice to make sense of coverage times. It is difficult to see where there are gaps in coverage. Please see screen shot attached as an example of just one of our Schedules. Looking forward to hearing your team’s response, thank you Christina


Hi @ottesen88,

Thanks for the screenshot! I can see how it would be beneficial to be able to arrange these in chronological order automatically. Since it’s not something we can add to the roadmap at this time, we would suggest manually arranging the branch chronologically.

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Hi Christina, yes, but we change these and other Schedules very frequently, due to staffing. To manually arrange is time consuming and lends to human error. Your team is suggesting that if we add a new time to the schedule, then we’d need to go in and adjust every time from the top down?


Hi @ottesen88,

We can definitely see how manually re-arranging the branches isn’t the most efficient option. While we see this as an important aspect of your business, this need doesn’t extend to other customers as much as some of our other initiatives. We are always looking for ways to improve and create the best product for ALL of our customers so this request has been noted and will remain top of mind, but we have to look for additional support or need for this request in order to add it to our roadmap.

Thank you again for being a member of community and a CallRail customer.