API Endpoint for Form Submissions


There doesn’t currently seem to be an API endpoint for getting web form submissions data. This is definitely a feature our company needs as we build a custom reporting dashboard with the CallRail API.


Hi @twest! We always love hearing that our customers are using our API to build custom dashboards. I just spoke with one of our product owners, and I can confirm that our team is currently working on adding an endpoint for web form submission data to our API. While I don’t have an exact timeframe yet as to when this will be released, I’ll be sure to post here and send you a direct message once this feature is available. Thanks for reaching out!


Hello! Can you please notify me when this is available, as well? We’ve implemented call data in our backend and we would like to include form data. Thanks! Eric@bramlett.me


Hi Eric - Yes, I’m happy to update this thread as soon as we have a concrete timeline for release. Right now it has been assigned to a product owner but is still in design stage. I’ll let you know when this changes!


Bumping this to support the request. Our company would also greatly benefit from this kind of lead life-cycle integration into our phone reporting. So excited to see this, as we’ve just registered. Thanks.