API - ability to filter by "first call"



I’m looking at the doc of the API’s endpoint " /v3/a/{account_id}/calls.json" and I cannot find a filter for “first_call”. It’s available in sorting only.

Can I request “first_call” to be added as a filter ?



PS: It would also be of a great help if it could be added as a filter on aggregation/time series endpoints:

  • |/v3/a/{account_id}/calls/timeseries.json|
  • |/v3/a/{account_id}/calls/summary.json|


Hi @sghzal, thank you for this request! I will review this with our team to determine if this is a good fit for the Listing All Calls endpoint.

For Summarizing Call Data & Summarizing Call Data by Time Series endpoints, both of these endpoints allow for field selection in the request, including the first_time_callers field. Would that not work for your purpose?


Hi @Laura I didn’t mind the field “first_time_callers” on summarizing endpoints. I think it makes sense as it would be the same value as filtering “total_calls” by “first_call”.

So I think you should disregard my PS



Hi @Laura
Regarding my previous comment…I spoke too fast. We would also need to be able to filter various other metrics by first call. For instance the number of answered calls, or number of missed calls on those endpoints.



Thanks for that clarity, that helps. We’ll include that request in our review as well.


Hi @Laura have you done any progress on this one ?


Hi @sghzal . We reviewed this request and determined it would be beneficial to add the ability to filter Calls endpoints on first_call. I do not have an ETA for development yet but will post updates to this topic when we have more news.

Thank you for this request!