Android Contact List Integration


We use CallRail for all outing calls from our cell phones and our biggest gripe with the Android app is the inability to easily initiate an outgoing call to someone who hasn’t recently called in.

Currently the only way to do that is to go into our phone’s contact list (Contacts) and copy the phone number of the person we want to call and then go to the CallRail app and paste the phone number into the dialer screen.

As you can imagine, this is not convenient at all.

This seems like a valuable and perhaps relatively simple integration as many other apps can read the phone’s contact list.

Will you please add on phone contacts integration to the Android app?


Hi @jjmicrojulian,

Thanks so much for your feedback! I can definitely see how something like contact list support would be beneficial when trying to utilize the CallRail app to place outbound calls. I will be adding this as a feature request and hope to determine the best and most effective solution for this use case in the future.

  • Adam