AMP JSON parameters


For those of us integrating our pages into AMP delivery we appreciate the work currently done by the CallRail dev team to make this process short and sweet.

However, the formatting done by the call to swappy sub domain at CallRail to trigger the necessary JSON does not allow parameters available for the amp-call-tracking function in the AMP library to be passed. This appears to not be a huge dev project since it’s basically a conditional. NULL or populated determines the passing of this parameter in the JSON request.

In our case, since AMP is developed for mobile use the web page real estate we have is limited. We want the ‘href’ to be populated, of course, by the returned JSON value. But we want the ‘A’ text to be populated by what we submit in the amp-call-tracking call.

The parameter ‘formattedPhoneNumber’ is outlined in the AMP component’s library as able to be supplied in the request.
We would like the value we include in the swappy call for the parameter formattedPhoneNumber passed-through ( and if possible, forgo any addition of class/layout formatting, if this is also able to be adjusted by the config of the call. This extra formatting is breaking a Nav bar div container on the site.)

Thank you for your insight and attention as to what’s possible!


Hi @CBtss - Thanks for this request and all the detail around the use case. We’ll review it to determine if it is a good fit.


Hi again @CBtss. We reviewed and agreed this feature makes sense to include on our roadmap. I do not have an ETA for it yet, but will provide updates on this post.

Thanks again for the request & for being a community member!