Allow access to recordings optional per role


Many companies want to know call details/durations, etc. We cannot give any company a ‘reporting’ role without removing the recordings from their permissions. They cannot be allowed to listen to personal information being discussed on the call.

The user permissions for a user with a ‘reporting’ role gives WAY too much power. They can see too many features, change too much, and are allowed more permission than they should be allowed. It should literally be ‘reports’, and that’s it, just how the role is labeled. (not listening to calls, text conversations, or anything else for instance) It’s kind of crazy that someone with a ‘reporting’ role would have access to this stuff. We’re giving third-parties access to view call reporting, not listen to our calls or have access to other features via a “Reporting” role. Is that even legal, are we liable for sharing these calls? This is something I really hope you fix.

Ideally, we should be able to use ‘default’ permissions for a Reporting or Manager role, or add/remove permissions and make the role a little more custom.

Further, with regards to recordings, we should be able to identify certain users that have their calls recorded and only they can listen to them. Right now, if our sales manager is testing different scripts, his recordings are available to the rest of the team to listen to.


For sure. This is a glaring issue.


I requested this a year ago and it got no traction…I hope people vote on it this time!