Agency Name & Referral Credit


Hello CR Community,

Hopefully I am in the right section for this feedback! Not a game changer but having the option to put a business name in the agency profile when signing up would be nice, for example right now its first & last name only. So if an agency wants to sign up a master account have the agency name available and users can use 1st and last.

First Name: | Last Name: | *Business Name:

Another idea would be have a field available for the referring agencies, so maybe when another agency shares this opportunity and they become partners maybe the referring partner could get some credit.

I tried to read over most of the posts to ensure these were not brought up but couldn’t find anything. Just trying to make the entry point smoother and give a place to credit any referring agency.

Thanks for your time.


Hi @liftconversions,

Thanks for this request! This is an interesting idea that I’ll make sure gets presented to the team.

Thanks for being a member of community and our Partner Program!



Excellent thank you for the help & welcome! Glad to be here :slight_smile:


Hi @liftconversions,

Thanks again for this request. I was able to talk to the team and while we definitely see the usefulness in a Business Name field as a substitute for First/Last Name, we use the name for audit log purposes so, if asked, we can identify who made any change on an account.

Of course there is the work around of typing your business’s name into the First/Last name field, but for audit and security reasons, we want to maintain those as required fields.

Thank you again for being a member of our community and a CallRail customer!


Excellent thank you for the follow up.