Agency Name & Referral Credit


Hello CR Community,

Hopefully I am in the right section for this feedback! Not a game changer but having the option to put a business name in the agency profile when signing up would be nice, for example right now its first & last name only. So if an agency wants to sign up a master account have the agency name available and users can use 1st and last.

First Name: | Last Name: | *Business Name:

Another idea would be have a field available for the referring agencies, so maybe when another agency shares this opportunity and they become partners maybe the referring partner could get some credit.

I tried to read over most of the posts to ensure these were not brought up but couldn’t find anything. Just trying to make the entry point smoother and give a place to credit any referring agency.

Thanks for your time.


Hi @liftconversions,

Thanks for this request! This is an interesting idea that I’ll make sure gets presented to the team.

Thanks for being a member of community and our Partner Program!



Excellent thank you for the help & welcome! Glad to be here :slight_smile: