AdWords Parallel tracking


Later this year AdWords parallel tracking will be mandatory. Will this affect how CallRail handles keyword pool numbers? When is it safe to switch to parallel tracking?


Hi @suleyman.okan! Thanks for posting your question. I know there are several others wondering about this as well. As of right now, the best answer I can give you from our product team is that we don’t expect it to be a factor for our customers, but we haven’t yet done a full end to end test. I will definitely make sure to update this thread with any new information I receive on this front. Thanks!


@kate is there any update here? Will the URL parameters that I have set up in my account AdWords tracking template, as followed from your guide, still work with parallel tracking? AdWords is advising to check with your 3rd party provider to ensure they will still work.


Hi @jason! I saw you were looking for an update on this and I wanted to go ahead and provide you some new material.

Since Kate last responded, there has actually been a support article created going over this a bit more in depth. I’ve gone ahead and linked it below.

Tracking Visitors and Keywords with Google’s Parallel Tracking

Hopefully this helps a bit! :grinning:


Hi @Yara Yara @kate , Thanks for the update and for the link provided. I have only one question. We are using tracking template on account level( as recommended). Based on the article that you shared, it should be ok to enable parallel tracking and everything should be tracked correctly.
On the other hand, at this link( Google’s official community post) , it mentions that: “If the tracking template starts with {lpurl} or any of its variations, parallel tracking is not applicable”.

Could you please check and reconfirm if we should enable parallel tracking and if not how should we proceed?

Thanks in advance!!



Hi @aggelosmars! My team was able to confirm directly with Google that neither set up will interfere with parallel tracking. Hopefully this helps clear things up. :slight_smile: