Adding a higher maximum ring time 60+ seconds


Hi I was wondering if it’s possible to have phones ring for longer than 60 seconds before proceeding to the next step in call flows. Our call center sometimes doesn’t answer the phone in time and when the call flow goes to the next step, the phone call gets sent back to the end of the que. Would be nice to have a longer ring time.



That’s an interesting problem. I’d be interested in learning more details about your call center’s phone system and how that works in order to make suggestions for working around this. Have you spoken with our support team?

Thank you,
Katie Salley


So for example, here is our call flow.

  1. Customer Calls In (Is promoted to click a menu item 1,2,3)
  2. Customer clicks on any option
  3. The call is then sent to a simulcall (it rings my number, my business partner, and the call center)
    The maximum time the call able to ring for in the step is 60 seconds
    If none of us answers within 60 seconds the call flow continues to the next step
  4. Adds additional greeting saying (Thank you for your patience, we are still connecting you)[would be nice to have hold music so that customer isn’t just hearing rings instead of music for less disconnects]
  5. Simulcall again to all 3 numbers

The problem is that when the phones sumlcall to all of us, including the call center - the call center still needs time to answer. Sometimes they might not answer the call in the first 60 seconds. If this is the case, when the call goes to the next step, it becomes a new call so it goes back into the question and doesn’t get answered before the 60 seconds again.


Ok, that makes sense. With the simulcall I think you’re right you would just need additional ring time.

I will discuss this with the product team to see if it’s something we can add to our roadmap, in the meantime as a work around I would suggest adding you and your partner to your queue and have calls just sent there, rather than pulling them back into CallRail. That ought to allow you to leave calls in the queue indefinitely. Or perhaps have you and your partner be the first step, on a simulcall, then send to the queue. I understand these would not be your first choice of course.

Thank you for the additional information.