Add Unique Form View and All Activity View



I would really love to have the forms wrapped up like the unique call view. Also, being able to see all activities on one account together at a glance would be awesome.


Hi there,

CallRail doesn’t have a specific Unique Forms view, but we do have a Leads report that shows you all of the unique leads that have contacted you through any method (calls, forms, or texts). You can find it in the Reports section of CallRail. The report does allow you to filter to leads that have called or leads that have submitted a form. Here is the support article as well:

The Leads report may also serve the needs you have for a unified view of all contacts, since it will show you the unique people that contacted you through any type. If not, can you elaborate on how you would use a unified log of contact events?



Yes, that’s one of my favorite reports! We work a lot with franchisees that login and this has been a common complaint from them. I train them and show them the reporting side and they utilize that report- they just would like it in the activity tab as well.