Add "Notes" section to text message leads


I’ve noticed in the list of call leads it gives you an option to write notes to keep track of what was discussed or what not.

I would like this feature added to the text message leads as well. What we are finding is that we may get a text from someone and then later talk to them on the phone away from the tracking numbers (in person even). I’d like to be able to add a note to keep more information on that lead/customer. That way I can write “talked on the phone no need to reply to last text message” etc…

I apologize if this is already a feature and I haven’t been able to find it!


Hello CapMoCo,

This is something that has been discussed on the product team. It is currently on the roadmap but I do not have a timeframe for delivery. I will make sure to keep you updated. Thank you for your request and have a great day!


Ditto, we really need a feature to tag and note text messages. We use zapier to autolog leads to CRM’s based on the tags of calls but we can’t do the same for texts.

Also would be nice to know if the text is a first time texter or not.


Thank you jamesscaggs,

I’ll discuss this with the product team and get back to you.