Add a tracking number to an email campaign


If you market online to customers and prospects, you probably use an ESP (Email Service Provider) like Constant Contact, Emma or MadMimi. And there’s good reason for this: Email is proven to drive more traffic, engagement and conversions than any other social channel.

So if there’s a contact phone number displayed anywhere inside your marketing emails, you’ll definitely want to track the calls being driven by these campaigns. For this, you’ll need an offline tracking number – the same kind you’d use for a print ad or direct mailer. (This process will be slightly different if your business is based outside of the U.S., since you’ll need to create an international tracking number.)

And no worries if you already have Dynamic Number Insertion configured for your account, because offline numbers are designed to never appear to visitors who arrive through regular online channels, like web ads. This way, you can use your offline number to track only the visitors brought in by your email campaign without risk of your data being polluted by traffic from other channels.

To create your offline tracking number, navigate to the main CallRail dashboard and select the business for which you’d like to create the number. Then, click the number / pound sign (#) in the menu bar at the top of the page, and click the “+Add Phone Number” button that appears. From here, be sure to select the “No, I’ll use it offline” option in the window that appears.

After this, you can proceed through the usual steps for creating a tracking phone number in CallRail. And once your number is finalized and saved, you can setup alerts and automated flows, integrate the number with your analytics platform, and monitor it from the CallRail Activity Dashboard alongside your other numbers.

Do you have any questions about setting up a tracking number for an email campaign, or any helpful tips and tricks you’ve discovered along the way? Sound off below and let us know!