Ability for SMS messages to receive images


Clients are used to sending us images via text. Unfortunately, now that we’ve ported our main company number into CallRail they’re no longer to do so. It would be great for us to have this enabled.


Hey! Unfortunately, as of right now, it’s not possible to send/receive images via SMS on our platform (even via API). But, I’m going to document your request and send it over to our product team to look into. Thanks for letting us know about this issue and what you’d like to see developed!


Okay, cool - thanks Kate!



Is there an update on this?

Thank You,



Hi @garyjohnsondesign! Thanks for following up. I’ve checked with our product owner and he informed me that it’s being added to our roadmap, but hasn’t been assigned a timeframe yet. I will make sure to post here, as well as PM you and @controlyours when I have an update on exact timeline. Thanks for your patience on this!


We definitely NEED this feature badly in our business. To be able to text pictures or any media in this day and age is required. Please see if you can move this request to the top because it is a basic amenity in 2010 and now it’s 2017. THANKS!!


agree this would be a BIG help. Is this in the works?


Hi @matthewfgpm - Unfortunately, this isn’t currently on the roadmap. Our director of product, @bryan, recently outlined our limitations in this area on another thread:

“I can definitely see how sending and receiving images with your clients is important for your business, and how giving out your own phone number is not ideal. MMS is something that has been around for a while, and seems common place now. Unfortunately there are a few hurdles in how it is built that make it very difficult to implement on services like ours. It’s on our long-term roadmap to tackle, but I don’t see a great solution in the near future.”

I will definitely keep this thread updated if things change!