1 Text Notification when text is received


Can we set up email notifications for text messages to only receive one notification when a text is received rather than a notification for every single text received? We simply want to know a text has been received and then respond. Once we start respondins we don’t want each text response to be emailed to all users.


This makes perfect sense. I have taken it to the product team to be prioritized. Thank you for your feedback!


Thank you. Any news on this feature?


Hi @ckane407,

Thanks for the request and for being a member of Community! The product team agrees this is a great idea. We would like to streamline these notifications for you but the effort has not been able to be added to the roadmap at this time.

That said, we get many requests and most of our features are developed based on popularity among the entire user base, so if you know there are other users that could utilize this feature let them know to comment here!