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Be Friendly and Helpful.

CallRail Community exists to be a resource for engaging courteously with the intention of contributing relevant content to product-related conversations. Ask questions respectfully and provide suggestions with the intent of being helpful. This is not a place to advertise your product or services, or to share spam posts of any kind. Let’s work together to keep this community a pleasant place to interact.

Disagree Respectfully.

Sometimes we don’t all agree. If an issue arises where you and another user aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, remember to keep your words respectful. It’s always OK to take a step back, send a reply later, or even remove yourself from a negative conversation.

It’s never OK to:
Call someone a name
Make personal attacks
Respond to the way something was said instead of what was said
Make a claim that isn’t backed up by shareable facts
Use this forum as a channel to sell your product or service to another user

Add to the Discussion.

We created this forum for you, and we want you to help us build a thriving community by participating in discussions! Take the initiative to start a new thread if you don’t see one on a topic you’d like to talk about, provide input when someone asks for help, and do leave feedback on our customer spotlights and product AMA’s!

Be a Lover Not a Hater.

Leave the hate speech, harassment, inappropriate content, abusive or foul language and spam posts at home. Actually, let’s just get rid of them altogether.

Don’t Post What’s Not Yours.

Please only post your own content, or content you have permission to share. This is not a space to provide instructions for doing anything that violates the law.

If You See Something, Say Something.

We know that everyone is here to learn and share and that none of these guidelines will ever be violated. However, if something comes to your attention that goes against these terms of use, please flag it. It will be addressed.

Powered by You

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Terms of Service

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