Feature Requests

Identify a voicemail beep on outbound calls (1)
Dynamic Swap only on specified pages (11)
View Account Number in Account Center (4)
Automatic Call Recording (4)
HubSpot Integration Upgrade | Automatic Logging of Outbound Calls (2)
Notes & Tags - for internal agency use (2)
Form tags in API (4)
Internal CallRail System to Scrub/ Monitor Recycled Numbers (2)
Call Tagging and/or Responsive Routing Call Flow Builder step for repeat callers by phone number (1)
Form Tracking - Filter by Source / Campaign (3)
Names on forms api (2)
API for adding a blocked number (6)
Voicemail call as a metric in the API (6)
TAG Text message (2)
Excluding Number Insertion for Internal Users (3)
Custom/Different Call Activity Types in Hubspot (4)
Slack integration improvement request (4)
Page Views after call via API (2)
Bulk Upload of Blocked Numbers (3)
Connecting Music (7)
Search for a number/ customer in CallRail Mobile App (2)
Edit caller ID in dashboard/mobile app (2)
Keypad Scoring after Call Transfer (2)
Slack Alerts When Credit Cards Fail (3)
Back Button to Log from a Timeline view (2)
One Dashboard/Log View for all leads (2)
Bulk Edit Forwarding Numbers (3)
Remember Portal settings (2)
Include stats on Tracking page so it's easy to see winning numbers (2)
Hubspot Phone Number Syncing with different # formats (2)