Feature Requests

NEED YOUR HELP! Enable texting photos ASAP! (17)
Receive Images Via Text (4)
Have text messaging allow images (5)
Android Contact List Integration (2)
Auto-Recording all outbound calls as default (5)
Integration with Follow Up Boss (3)
New Filter - Single / Multi-Call (3)
Sending Text Messages Directly To a Mobile Phone (3)
Dynamic Swap only on specified pages (10)
Agency Name & Referral Credit (5)
Change Tracking # for Outbound Calls from Timeline (3)
Get alerts on abandoned 1st time callers (2)
Andriod App Link to Redial Outbound Calls (2)
Trackable Weebly Forms (2)
Automatically Invoice Clients Per Call Generated (8)
Bill Clients A Flat Fee Per Call via Stripe (7)
Call Queues and Groups (3)
Export CallScribe Call Transcriptions! (4)
Facebook Lead Ads + Callrail (6)
Mass call flow editing (centralized call flow option) (3)
User roles give way too much permission (Urgent) (5)
Rearrange Columns in "Call Log" on "Activity" page (4)
Search Texts in Lead Center (4)
Samples returned for Zapier Integration should be newest, not oldest (4)
CallRail Data Studio Connector - Crucial Updates Needed (3)
Improved Hubspot Integration (1)
Text Messages With More Characters Please (2)
Tags to be used within a CallFlow (5)
Click-To-Call/Text Chrome Extension (7)
Form Submission Lead marking & Tracking (8)