Feature Requests

Form Tracking Request (2)
Transfer calls between agents (3)
Integration with Google Data Studio ( 2 ) (28)
SharpSpring Native Integration (2)
API - ability to filter by "first call" (8)
Add A Scheduler - So Calls Can Be Handled Differently After Business Hours, Holidays (2)
Please Support More International Numbers For Dynamic Number Replacement (1)
Form Tracking - Call Recording (4)
Identify a voicemail beep on outbound calls (1)
Dynamic Swap only on specified pages (11)
View Account Number in Account Center (4)
Automatic Call Recording (4)
HubSpot Integration Upgrade | Automatic Logging of Outbound Calls (2)
Notes & Tags - for internal agency use (2)
Form tags in API (4)
Internal CallRail System to Scrub/ Monitor Recycled Numbers (2)
Call Tagging and/or Responsive Routing Call Flow Builder step for repeat callers by phone number (1)
Form Tracking - Filter by Source / Campaign (3)
Names on forms api (2)
API for adding a blocked number (6)
Voicemail call as a metric in the API (6)
TAG Text message (2)
Excluding Number Insertion for Internal Users (3)
Custom/Different Call Activity Types in Hubspot (4)
Slack integration improvement request (4)
Page Views after call via API (2)
Bulk Upload of Blocked Numbers (3)
Connecting Music (7)
Search for a number/ customer in CallRail Mobile App (2)
Edit caller ID in dashboard/mobile app (2)