Feature Requests

How about a "TimeStamp" button for Notes: (2)
Auto Export Form Attribution (Zapier, Datastudio etc.) (3)
Form tracking routed by zip code (4)
Turn on/off Call Flows - switch between with 1 click (4)
Grouping Companies for Reporting (4)
Bulk marking calls as qualified or not qualified lead (2)
Blocking calls from the call log screen (4)
Custom Label the Schedule Branch Title (2)
Bill Clients A Flat Fee Per Call via Stripe (6)
iOS phone app - multiple improvement opportunities (9)
Auto Generated Text Message Response in Lead Center (6)
Texting in the app (5)
Call Flow Editor (7)
How to view Landing Page from SMS (3)
Add Call Tracking for 340 Area code in USVI (2)
Cross Account Reporting and Notification (4)
Different Call Flow Routing/Forwarding for Calls vs SMS (2)
CallRail Agent Feature - Call Forwarding (3)
Facebook Custom Audience - Refresh Window? (2)
Track ALL Phone Calls - Google Analytics Goals (8)
Manager Role permissions (4)
Block Vulgar Texts (2)
Building CallRail: An inside look at our development process (1)
Form Tracking + Google Analytics (2)
Shape the CallRail experience. Sign up to be a user research participant! (5)
More granular control on Exporting Invoices (2)
No Support For 1300 Numbers (4)
Google Data Studio - Date Source (6)
Custom Filter Default in Call Log (4)
Mobile App Logout Issue (2)