Feature Requests

API - calltags endpoint to return only account's tags (2)
API - form submssion tags and filter by tag (2)
AMP JSON parameters (3)
Trackable Weebly Forms (3)
Filter by source in calls summary and calls timeseries (4)
Send Calls as Facebook Standard Event Types (5)
Get alerts on abandoned 1st time callers (3)
Export CallScribe Call Transcriptions! (5)
Auto Generated Text Message Response in Lead Center (13)
Change Date & Time Weekly Reports Are Sent (5)
Form Tracking Request (2)
Transfer calls between agents (3)
Integration with Google Data Studio ( 2 ) (28)
SharpSpring Native Integration (2)
API - ability to filter by "first call" (8)
Add A Scheduler - So Calls Can Be Handled Differently After Business Hours, Holidays (2)
Please Support More International Numbers For Dynamic Number Replacement (1)
Form Tracking - Call Recording (4)
Identify a voicemail beep on outbound calls (1)
Dynamic Swap only on specified pages (11)
View Account Number in Account Center (4)
Automatic Call Recording (4)
HubSpot Integration Upgrade | Automatic Logging of Outbound Calls (2)
Notes & Tags - for internal agency use (2)
Form tags in API (4)
Internal CallRail System to Scrub/ Monitor Recycled Numbers (2)
Call Tagging and/or Responsive Routing Call Flow Builder step for repeat callers by phone number (1)
Form Tracking - Filter by Source / Campaign (3)
Names on forms api (2)
API for adding a blocked number (6)