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About the Feature Requests category (1)
Option To Not Send Out Daily Call Summary Reports When There Is No Call Activity (1)
"Form Flow" to Mirror "Call Flow" Feature (2)
Transfer calls between agents (10)
Filter by source in calls summary and calls timeseries (6)
API - ability to filter by "first call" (9)
Passing tags through a Salesforce Intgegration at the start of the call (2)
Integration Disconnection Alert (3)
Microsoft Ad Extension Options (3)
Contact Form Notifications (1)
No Text Images = Deal Breaker (5)
Include Call Greeting in Call Recordings (1)
Challenge All Callers to a Specific Campaign Number (1)
Mass call flow editing (centralized call flow option) (4)
Microsoft Click ID integration on reports - Bing Ads (1)
Send Calls as Facebook Standard Event Types (12)
White Labeled Forms (3)
Call Flow Updates (7)
Responsive routing FILTER (2)
Auto Generated Text Message Response in Lead Center (14)
Notifications via e mail (2)
Allow access to recordings optional per role (3)
User roles give way too much permission (Urgent) (6)
Pulling User's Information via API (8)
Lead Center - Allow Transfers (3)
ZAPIER - Multiple workspace Login (3)
Google Data Studio Call Time Series connector - phone number sorting (2)
Form Alerts by Form Name (3)
AdGroup Name Needed (2)